Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Melon Time!

Melons, melons, and more melons. If you haven’t noticed yet it’s been a great year for them and they are huge. We grow “Superstar” melons… “lusciously flavorful and tantalizingly aromatic fruit.” Traditional cantaloupe-colored flesh is thick, dense, and sweet with ample to go around.

The great summer weather has given us excellent melons. If you really love really good melons take advantage now as they won’t be around much longer.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mirai corn

Hello folks,
Last time I told you about our prize-winning “Delectable” corn.

Today in our farm stand we have our even better corn “Mirai” pronounced mah-rah-ee. It means “taste of the future” in Japanese.
Mirai? What is it?

Well in one simple word - it’s different. It’s a new class of sweet corn. Supersweet types (SH2) have high sugar for shipping but are tough and do not have good corn flavor. Sugar Extenders types (SE) are very tender and have good flavor but are not sweet and sugary. Types (SU) have old-time sweet corn flavor but are not tender or sweet. Combining these 3 types of sweet corn give Mirai customers their truly unique, one-of-a-kind “Mirai Experience” of the best taste, flavor and texture available in sweet corn todayIt can even be eaten raw.
The kind that we grow is “Mr. Mini Mirai” a small but well-formed yellow variety. Look for it in a special bin in our stand. 

It is our best corn.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Best week of the summer!

Hello Folks,
I am writing this newsletter with butter on my lips.

This is it! The most perfect week of the summer. Our “Delectable” corn is at its peak. Come over right NOW for our best corn of the summer. Denny and I just finished a half-dozen for dinner tonight. You will see why we got the blue ribbon at the fair. Oh my gosh.

The summer heat has made everything great. Tomatoes are perfect. Peppers are perfect. Melons, too. 

I am not kidding. Come over now and get some.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Chemung County Fair blue ribbons!

Hello folks,

Janowski Gardens won some prizes at the Chemung County Fair during the judging on Monday. We won blue ribbons for our “Delectable” corn, red cabbage and cranberry beans. We won a red ribbon for our black-eye peas and pickling cucumbers, and a yellow ribbon for cucumbers. So we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves today.
This week on the farm we have corn, tomatoes, wonderful sweet melons, peppers, potatoes, basil,  parsley, beets, squash, cabbage, cucumbers and pickles.
Speaking of pickles – I’ve made my fourth batch of pickles. Mmm mm good. Here is a link to my revised pickle recipe. I should have entered these in the fair. Oh, well there is always next year.

"We Grow What We Sell"

Diane Janowski

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