Monday, August 27, 2012

Melons and Tornado Kittens!

Hello Everybody,

August is the best month for vegetables! In our farm stand we have our "Delectable" and "Mirai" corn. Both are great. It was a good summer for corn. We also tomatoes - regulars and Romas, potatoes, peppers - green and hot, and the tail end of our "Superstar" & "Atlantis" melons.

On a separate note.... we have five kittens that were born during the tornado to a neighborhood cat on our patio. These little guys will need homes soon. "Tornado," "Stormy," "Boomer," "Lightning," and "NOAA." If you would like a special friend, please let us know. "Stormy" has already been promised to someone, as well as the Mom cat, too. "Tornado" is on hold. You can see their individual photos on our Facebook page here

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